At SGT we pride ourselves in standing apart and doing things different from other companies. One of the most visible areas is in the area of our culture. From the President and CEO, across the Leadership Team and throughout SGT, we believe our culture has been a key factor in our continued success. The foundation of our culture is based on our principles of ICE – Integrity, Customer, and Employees.

Small ICE


We are committed to the highest standard of business ethics and integrity. We are not limited to just following the law, we want to follow through on all of our commitments, be honorable, and represent ourselves in the most ethical manner possible.


We are committed to delivering for our customers. We work hard to demonstrate to our customers that we are in business to meet their requirements. We reinforce our words with action demonstrating that we want to be a member of the team, always giving our customers the confidence that they can count on us.


We believe that the strength of the company is founded upon our excellent employees. We work hard as a company to provide our workforce a professional work environment that has opportunities for growth. We have programs in place to recognize and reward excellent performance, and we encourage our employees to continuously learn and be challenged. In addition we have an Employee Focus Group to lead grass root initiatives and also be a sounding board for company programs and initiatives.

Every business decision at SGT is framed around ICE. The result is a company that maintains a high standard of ethics, customer commitment, and employee focus at the core of all things. At SGT, we are proud to say that we consistently receive feedback from customers and employees that the best thing about our company, is our corporate culture.