Agile Development

The SGT Agile Engineering Lab is a set of virtualized systems that serve as a reference platform comprised of standard tool sets and configurations proven to inter-operate and integrate effectively in support of actual Agile software development initiatives. Driven by SGT’s most innovative engineers, grounded in a range of traditional and Agile approaches, the Lab has evolved organically through years of successfully managed projects into a resource for clients who are prepared to adopt Agile methodologies.

Virtualization and Optimization

The SGT Agile Engineering Lab employs virtualization extensively, allowing maximum flexibility to experiment with every class of component that might contribute to a successful development effort. In this optimized environment process automation is highly supported and encouraged, reports are produced automatically and issues can be debugged without delay, maximizing performance.

Agile Lab and Innovation

SGT also uses the Lab to innovate, test, experiment with and continually improve its own internal development, reporting, measurement and delivery processes and tools. The Lab provides an ideal platform to provide hands-on training for SGT, partner and client developers with courses that range from basic management overviews to in-depth technical education to accelerated specializations.

Lab Implementation

Generally configured to support Scrum practices, clients can access the SGT Agile Engineering Lab either on-site for the typically-sized Scrum development team or remotely and securely, or they may elect full outsourcing, depending on the scope of work to be performed as well as the short- and long-term objectives of a client organization. The Lab was created to learn and experiment, a working environment that can be recreated for use at a client’s location by installing the Lab with step-by-step instructions from SGT’s experts. Alternately, an Amazon image of the Lab accessed on Amazon Cloud can be used to instantiate a copy for use.

Lab Base Configuration

The standard setup, or base configuration, of the Lab is modeled upon the experiences from hundreds of development projects, combining select open source tools and proprietary applications for a seamlessly integrated, interoperating environment proven to support all aspects of Agile development.

Continuous Code Inspection

One key features of this base configuration is Continuous Code Inspection via SGT Java PathFinder, an SGT innovation that comprehensively tests and verifies each unit of checked in code, part of a suite of automated processes that make the Lab a singular resource for excellence in Agile software development.

SGT’s virtual Agile  Software Development Lab base configuration

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