Automation and Robotics

SGT utilizes its broad, deep experience and cutting-edge methods to empower customers who require automated and robotic machines. By organiz­ing topical experts in such areas as algorithms, support software, and industry applications and using such best practices as, rapid prototyping, agile development, and service orienta­tion, SGT can rapidly clarify opportunities and quickly deliver real customer value.

SGT builds robotic platforms, from an initial concept through to extreme environment field testing utilizing real science, flight, and astronaut teams. Our robotic platforms incorporate the latest innovations from algorithms to support tools (e.g., 3-D terrain maps for planning, operations, and analysis). Our automation begins with human and systems assessments and carries through to an operational system deployment.

  • Robotic Platforms. Rover software systems, communication protocol support (COBRA/DDS), field testing, avionics development, payload integration, CAD.
  • Situation Awareness. Image processing, object recognition, traversability analysis, computer vision frameworks, real-time 3-D terrain and telemetry visualization, mapping and terrain reconstruction, machine learning, high resolution image capturing and processing, remote sensing, disaster response and recovery tools, aircraft emergency planning.
  • Human and Organizational Analysis. Ethnography, process modeling, organizational diagnosis and design, workflow systems, document management, human and organizational risk analysis, computational organizational modeling, mixed-initiative planning, interactive re-planning, plan visualization, variable degrees of automation, human/computer interaction.
  • Analytical Modeling. Planning and scheduling, artificial intelligence, operations research, network flow optimization, simulation, constraint programming, multi-attribute decision analysis, probabilistic risk analysis, automated planning, plan representation and plan execution languages.
Planetary Lake Lander Credit – NASA AMES