Software Engineering

SGT’s workflow modeling/analysis and human-centered design help to create systems that allow teams to accomplish collaborative tasks more effectively. SGT engineers and researchers incorporate advanced data analysis techniques, improve machine learning, and employ novel data mining and pattern recognition techniques to help process ever-increasing amounts of scientific and operational information. Our automated code generation and software verification and validation help reduce development times and increase the reliability of increasingly complex software-intensive systems.

  • Robust Software Engineering — Automated V&V; model-based autocode and verification; integrated development and verification environments; advanced testing methodologies
  • Discovery and Systems Health — Integrated safety and health management; automated prognostics and diagnostics; modeling, learning and control; intelligent data understanding/machine learning
  • Collaborative and Assistant Systems — Advanced collaboration, communication and performance support systems; collaborative systems design, groupware, work systems simulation, information indexing and retrieval
  • Embedded flight software — Model-based development and autocode; software health management; fault detection isolation and recovery; CFe/CFs and data bus architectures
  • Integrated Systems Health Management — System analysis, new sensors, and intelligent architectures combined with novel prognostic and diagnostic algorithms to provide fault management and failure/recovery decision support