Enterprise Computer Services

Enterprise Computer Services—includes the design, implementation, transition, and operations of a robust set of computing services to include traditional data center operations, private cloud design, public cloud broker services, and hybrid cloud.

A great technological product is worthless if it does not address real mission requirements and business needs. Twenty-first century solutions must include a strategic approach to change, addressing complexity, overcoming organizational barriers, and creating value over the entire life cycle of a program.

SGT has repeated success in Strategic Planning and Mission advocacy through our award-winning Enterprise Architecture teams.

We can help your leadership to frame the future of government.

Summary of SGT Capabilities:

  • Design, development, implementation, and management of large federal data centers
  • Implementation of public cloud brokerage solutions for Federal clients
  • Full lifecycle design and implementation of private cloud solutions
  • Virtualization of storage, compute, and network resources
  • Design and implementation of Mission-Critical networks for Federal agencies
  • Design and implementation of high performance computing clusters