Health IT

SGT’s strong IT capabilities offer support of systems critical to the Health IT market. At the core of this offering are SGT’s broad corporate experience and our talented engineers committed to exceeding customers’ expectations. Our IT personnel have successfully applied their expertise and skills to a wide array of customer requirements across numerous domains—work with dimensions analogous to missions in Health IT. Such work includes applications development using our benchmarked and highly optimized Agile processes complemented by our corporate commitment to “get it right the first time.” Also essential to Health IT support, we offer superb data analytics capabilities and state-of-the-art statistical methodologies. We enthusiastically bring to the Health IT mission of promoting health and saving lives the same precision and excellence we exercise supporting the lives of astronauts in NASA’s space program.

Trusted and Proven

International Space Station Health Management. SGT scientists and engineers developed and delivered the Operational Bioinstrumentation System (OBS). This system to supports all extravehicular activity (EVA: “spacewalks”) conducted on the International Space Station. The OBS, via the Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) and Space-to-Space EMU Radio, provides the ECG waveforms to the ground during an EVA.

Continuing research and development for the advancement of healthcare practice and quality

VESGEN Clinical Research. SGT engineers support research in the Vascular Computational Analysis Laboratory, for the NASA Space Life Sciences Research program. They are responsible for the image processing, computational analysis and data base management and secure archiving of both clinical and experimental micro-scoping images of blood vessels. A major capability to support our responsibilities is the innovative VESGEN. The vascular image are of astronaut and terrestrial human retinas, experimental studies of lab animal retinas, and other vascularized tissues such as the eye and Gastrointestinal system.

Data Management – Secure storage, processing and protection of a large scale data

Innovative Cost Saving Solutions. SGT, in its work for the US Geological Survey (USGS) data center, is responsible for processing transaction volumes of more than 20 terabytes per day retrieving, processing, and storing large image datasets for users. SGT developed an innovative approach to repurpose unused or outdated equipment to support a HADOOP cluster scalable up to several thousand processors. This and other innovations resulted in a low-cost solution that improved service, improved storage, and improved network bandwidth.

Effective and economically feasible ways to deliver, protect and sustain existing information infrastructure

High Performance Computing Strategy. SGT provided NASA Langley Research Center with a high performance computing cloud pilot, using the Amazon AWS GovCloud. This enabled experimentation and provided critical information to the center’s CIO and research community necessary to set future research direction in cloud computing and assessment. Other specific tasks performed include strategy and planning, defining data and information requirements, database design, development and systems integration, and maintenance support services across more than 90 concurrent task orders (TOs) covering more than 800 applications and databases.