Archive Data Management

In addition to developing the techniques required to exploit observations provided by orbiting sensors, the sciences are evolving to keep pace with new computational and data management challenges required to acquire, manage, assimilate, and analyze very large volumes of diverse, overlapping and complementary data sets.

New challenges for data-intensive techniques are arising as data sets continue to grow in size and complexity. For NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey, SGT experts are developing data systems to meet the challenges arising from both the data holdings, while also maximizing access to the breadth and diversity of the information coming from space, aircraft and in situ platforms. In this regard, we are supporting these challenges for both the ICESat SIPS and the NASA Crustal Dynamics Data Information System at NASA GSFC, for the NASA GISS Cloud Climatology Data Center, and for the DAAC at the Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center, which is the largest DAAC in the world for land imaging data.

We realize that the understanding of the science processes are enhanced by the design, implementation, and operations of effective data centers that produce, add value, and effectively make data readily available to science teams and the broader community of data users.