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SGT maintains a wide range of significant Mission Operations capabilities.


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Civilian, Defense, and Intelligence Agencies


Information Technology

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Significant Science and Research Capabilities



    • Year in Space Starts for One American and One Russian

      Three crew members representing the United States and Russia are on their way to the International Space Station after launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 3:42 p.m. EDT Friday (1:42 a.m., March 28 in Baikonur). Read More >>

    • NASA Asteroid Hunter Spacecraft Data Available to Public

      Millions of images of celestial objects, including asteroids, observed by NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) spacecraft now are available online to the public. The data was collected following the restart of the asteroid-seeking spacecraft in December 2013 after a lengthy hibernation. Read More >>

    • NASA’s Hubble, Chandra Find Clues that May Help Identify Dark Matter

      Using observations from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers have found that dark matter does not slow down when colliding with itself, meaning it interacts with itself less than previously thought. Researchers say this finding narrows down the options for what this mysterious substance might be. Read More >>

    • NASA Announces Next Steps on Journey to Mars: Progress on Asteroid Initiative

      NASA Wednesday announced more details in its plan for its Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), which in the mid-2020s will test a number of new capabilities needed for future human expeditions to deep space, including to Mars. NASA also announced it has increased the detection of near-Earth Asteroids by 65 percent since launching its asteroid initiative three years ago. Read More >>