Ground Systems Operations

SGT provides Ground Systems Development and Operations services in the areas of:

  • Ground systems development: integration, verification, deployment, and operations and maintenance; system architecture and interoperability.
  • Science Data Processing, Analysis and Archiving: Level Zero data ingestion and archiving; standard data products processing, archiving and distribution; metadata product generation and distribution.
  • Data Engineering: data system studies; data standards; earth science data interoperability; science data processing, archiving, searching, and delivery.
  • Systems Security Engineering: IT security implementation and administration; network security infrastructure management and monitoring.
  • Data archival: EROS data center manages over 5.2 Petabytes of Geospatial data covering over 40 years of satellite data and over 80 years of airborne imagery.

ICESat Science Investigator-Led Processing System — SGT staff developed the ICESat Science Investigator-Led Processing System (I-SIPS) to create the GLAS Level 1 and 2 data products. I-SIPS has been recognized as a model data processing system via NASA awards, and was reused extensively for other missions (e.g., the TES and MLS instruments flying on the Aura Mission).

Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center — SGT provides maintenance and operations of the Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC) ground data segments providing processes for Landsat ETM+, EOS ASTER, EOS MODIS, Level 2 and 4 science data, and AVHRR global and orbital segments. This DAAC, located at the USGS EROS Data Center, stores roughly 5 petabytes of data with over 8 terabytes of new data daily. It is the largest non-military data center in the world, making the USGS and SGT a world-leader in acquiring and storing remotely sensed data — satellite and aerial images. Data is acquired through direct satellite downlinks, contract agreements with Federal, state, tribal, or regional organizations, and direct purchases from commercial satellite companies and private industry data venders.