SGT has robust and significant science capabilities that support key federal programs within NASA, NOAA, and USGS to acquire measurements and develop models which characterize the state and sustainability of the Earth and its environmental systems.

SGT’s science related capabilities include the following:

  • Algorithm Development
  • Numerical Analysis
  • High Performance Computing
  • Science S/W Development
  • Earth Discipline Science Support
  • High Precision Orbits/Force Model Development
  • Geophysical/Climate Modeling
  • Instrument Calibration/Validation
  • Science Data Processing Systems
  • Science Data Management Systems
  • Science Data Analysis
  • Simulations
  • Error Analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

SGT scientists have been and continue to be Principal and Co-Investigators on many science teams including NASA’s TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason, GRACE, and ICESat Science Teams, and within NASA Oceans, Natural Hazards and Solid Earth, and Planetary Programs. We provide similar support to NOAA’s Ocean Surface Topography Program. In addition, our NASA engineering programs are designing, developing, and integrating multiple Earth and planetary satellites and instruments that provide remote sensing data critical to advancing our understanding of the Earth and planetary environments. SGT is actively engaged in two major science programs with NASA and USGS of the Department of the Interior.

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